Clark’s Culture of Excellence

Clark Land Services is committed to a core set of values that drive a culture of excellence. We prioritize integrity, quality, responsiveness, collaboration, and attitude to deliver the best results possible, while building stronger relationships between our clients, staff, and vendors.

Our Core Values

Everyone at Clark Land Services adheres to a set of core principles that prioritize success through successful relationships.


Integrity means doing the right thing — for our clients, for our coworkers and for ourselves — even when no one is watching. Integrity is Polaris, the North Star of our company culture. Integrity builds trust and makes us all more successful.


We don’t accept good enough when we know we can do better. Good is the enemy of great. Our clients expect high quality work from us, and we are committed to delivering on our promises.


We show our clients how much we value them by being there when they need us. Whether that means answering our emails in a timely manner or making time for face-to-face meetings, being responsive lets our clients know we take their concerns — and their businesses — seriously.


We listen with intent. We share ideas without judgment. We trust that each of us brings value to the table, and we respect each other’s differences because we know that we are stronger when we value everyone’s contributions.


Having fun and being humble go hand-in-hand because everyone feels better when they can be themselves. Keeping it light makes Clark Land Services a great place to work and the type of company people want to work with.

Success, Three Decades in the Making

Russ Clark

Russ Clark established Clark Land Surveying on March 1, 1997 in his basement with a desire to build a business based on Quality and Integrity.

Clark operates as a standard land surveying business for many years, with a staff that ranges from six to 18 employees until 2013.

Justin Crosson

Justin Crosson joins the business as a manager in May 2006. He becomes minority owner in 2015 and majority owner in 2019.


In 2012, Clark Land Services engages our first electric vehicle (EV) site survey. This was the beginning of our national model.

In 2015, Clark begins to work directly for the largest EV site provider in the nation.

By 2020, Clark’s clients include four of the top five EV charging site developers. To date, Clark Land Services has completed thousands of EV Charging site surveys across the US.


In spring of 2022 Clark celebrated its 25th Anniversary. We are now 100% a national survey provider. By the end of 2022, Clark has completed over 6,000 EV charging site surveys since 2012.

Today, Clark Land Services has the ability to provide surveys in all 50 states.