Title Research

Paying Attention to Every Important Detail
Clark Land Services can provide title reports for encumbrances and parcel exceptions — which may include easements and rights of way — that affect the parcel being developed. Our title research is conducted and provided by vetted and experienced professionals.

Why Choose Clark?

When it comes to best-in-class title research, Clark Land Services has you covered.

If your Engineering Design Survey requires a title search, Clark can assist in acquiring it as a part of the project. We provide this convenient service because we know first-hand how much work it can be to find reliable sources for national title reports.

Title reports are necessary for ALTA Land Title Surveys and Telecomm Surveys in order to understand the parcel encumbrances. Clark Land Services can acquire title reports for our clients to ensure the parcel has a professional review of the encumbrances.

Our national network of title companies gives us the resources and flexibility to quickly acquire a national title company report on your behalf as a part of the scope of an overall project.

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Andrea Myers

Transaction Coordinator, Adler Realty Investments

“We recently had them work on a 45 property portfolio with a tight turnaround and their ability to manage this large portfolio and still produce high-quality, usable drawings significantly saved us time and money. By providing a single point of contact made my job of managing this portfolio much easier.”

Your Title Search Ends Here

Title reviews require thorough record research in order to fully understand all of the elements of the property being surveyed. Detailed requirements need to be discussed and agreed upon by both the client and the surveyor, and title research forms the foundation of that conversation. Clark Land Services is here to conduct your title search as a part of your project.