Nationwide Telecomm
Survey Coordination

Every telecommunications survey is unique. Raw Land Surveys, Rooftop, Co-Locates, and 1A and 2C letters — all have their individual nuances. To ensure the success of your project, you need a partner that has the experience of working in the Telecomm industry for over 20 years. Clark Land Services brings this experience and a commitment to quality and integrity to each Telecomm project. We deliver Cell Tower Surveys with accuracy, on budget, and on time.

Why Use Clark for Telecomm Surveys?

We have extensive experience supporting the telecommunication industry’s survey needs.

Clark is a nationwide coordinator of telecommunication and Cell Tower Surveys — Raw Land Surveys, Rooftop, Co-Locates, and 1A and 2C letters from coast-to-coast. No matter the area, we’ve got you covered with our national telecommunications surveys.

Our unique project model gives you direct access to a dedicated project manager, who is your single point of contact throughout our relationship. This approach streamlines communication so you’ll never get lost in a bureaucratic maze of assistants, messages, or delays.

As a vital project team member, our goal is to help you to accomplish your objectives and design. No matter what hurdles we encounter together, problem solving is job one.

Over the past 25 years Clark has produced thousands of Telecomm Surveys across the country.

With a thorough understanding of the industry, we can help you with the unique demands of telecom projects for both as-builts and raw land. Beyond larger scale projects, we also specialize in small cell networks and towers in areas like shopping malls and stadiums, when there’s a need to boost reception in a larger network area with a large mass of people.

When coordinating surveys across multiple sites and projects, the need for consistency cannot be understated. With Clark, your surveys will be delivered in a consistent and compatible format.

A critical part of telecomm deliverables, FAA 1A and 2C letters refer to accuracy standards for aeronautical data and contain information required for FAA databases. Clark Land Services has prepared thousands of 1A and 2C letters, with stringent internal standards to ensure accuracy and thorough attention to detail.

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Joseph Hampson, PE

Civil Engineer, Black & Veatch

“We needed thousands of Engineering Design Surveys throughout the United States and not only did Clark deliver on time and on budget, but the product they delivered exceeded our expectations. Clark provided a single point of contact who responded rapidly to anything we requested. Clark’s level of expertise and knowledge meant our projects moved forward without timely delays.”

Why Telecomm Surveys Are So Important

Clark can map your existing telecommunications tower, layout new cell tower locations, and provide FAA-mandated 1A and 2C letters.

We know the exact details needed to get the job done right. Clark Land Services provides nationwide surveys to satisfy any of your surveying needs. A crucial component of FAA-mandated codes instructs all telecommunications companies to obtain 1A or 2C Certification where they have or will have installed antennas. Ensure your next telecommunications survey is done by the book with our experts.