Why Choose Clark Land Services?

We have a unique approach to conducting land surveys that sets us apart in the industry. Our model provides reliable, nationwide consulting for surveys anywhere in the US and parts of Canada while maintaining a single point of contact to ensure consistency and quality.

No matter the size of your land survey coordination project, you’ll be supported by a dedicated, responsive project manager committed to ensuring the quality, reliability, and speed of your project. You can be confident your project will be delivered on time, on budget, and with no surprises.

Time, Cost, and Quality. Our business plan provides you with all three factors that exceed industry standards: completed in an expedited time, cost effective, and high quality.

ClarkHub: Connected Convenience

ClarkHub is a proprietary digital app that keeps you connected to your Clark project manager and your project every step of the way. You’ll be able to monitor progress in real-time, upload and download files, and communicate with your project manager from anywhere. The app is updated regularly, so you can trust that the information is accurate and your land survey project is on track for success.

Nationwide Network

Our fully vetted network of professional land surveyors enables us to coordinate single or multi-site surveys in all US states and several provinces in Canada. By maintaining a single point of contact no matter where surveys are located, we’re able to deliver consistent, high-quality services across the map.

Single Point of Contact

Clark Land Services has developed a single-point-of-contact model designed to ensure your success and simplify project management. Your dedicated Clark project manager will get to know your business, be there to answer questions, and collaborate with you to solve problems.

Expert Guidance

Overseeing a vast network of experienced land survey professionals gives us unique access to specialized knowledge across the US. When a project is faced with unexpected challenges, we can quickly tap into our proprietary resource to find the answers and to stay on track.


Our highly collaborative network of experts enables us to move quickly without sacrificing quality. We can coordinate two-to five-acre development sites to completion in as little as three weeks. This timeline includes surveying, utilities, title review, and drafting.


We’ve built our reputation as a company clients trust by giving our best to every project, every time. Since 2012, we’ve coordinated more than 6,000 EV surveys across the US and Canada. The vast majority of our work is with repeat customers. We take pride in being a business customers can rely on and come back to.


A commitment to quality underscores everything we do at Clark Land Services. We’ve coordinated surveys across the country for more than a decade, and our stamp of approval only comes once our high standards of quality are met.


Maintaining consistency in everything we do ensures regional differences don’t negatively impact the quality of your project. For instance, you will receive uniform CAD drawings across all survey projects, regardless of region. Adhering to one set of standards enables us to streamline operations and drive efficiency no matter how large the project.

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