Table A

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The American Land Title Association (ALTA) Table A is a crucial component of the ALTA/NSPS Land Title Surveys, offering a set of optional survey responsibilities and specifications that cater to the diverse needs of businesses in real estate transactions. This flexibility to customize the survey to meet specific requirements, thereby ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the property in question, is one of many ways that Clark Land Services works with you to deliver a high quality product on time that meets your needs.

Table A: An Overview

Table A, as part of the ALTA/NSPS Land Title Surveys, provides nineteen optional items that can be included in a land survey in addition to custom items. These options are negotiable between the surveyor and client, enabling a tailored approach to each property’s unique characteristics. The selection and wording of these items, along with their associated fees, are a matter of negotiation, ensuring that each survey is specifically designed to meet the client’s needs.

Key Elements of Table A

  1. Placement of Monuments: This item involves placing monuments or references at major corners of the property’s boundary, enhancing the precision and clarity of boundary demarcation.
  2. Property Addresses: It includes identifying the address(es) of the surveyed property, a fundamental aspect for proper identification and documentation.
  3. Flood Zone Classification: This item involves depicting the property’s flood zone classification based on federal or local maps, which is crucial for assessing flood risks.
  4. Land Area Measurement: It covers the measurement of the gross land area and other specified areas, providing essential data for valuation and planning.
  5. Vertical Relief Information: This aspect involves detailing the property’s vertical relief, including contour intervals and datum, which is vital for construction and development planning.
  6. Zoning Classification Details: This includes the listing of current zoning classification, setback requirements, and other restrictions, integral for compliance and development purposes.
  7. Building Dimensions: It involves measuring the exterior dimensions of all ground-level buildings, providing a clear understanding of the built environment on the property.
  8. Observed Features: This item covers documenting substantial features observed during the survey, such as parking lots or landscaped areas, which adds to the property’s detailed understanding.
  9. Parking Space Details: It involves identifying the number and type of parking spaces, crucial for planning and compliance with local regulations.
  10. Division or Party Walls: This item involves determining the relationship and location of certain walls with respect to adjoining properties, important for boundary and construction issues.
  11. Underground Utilities: It includes the evidence of underground utilities, a critical aspect for development and avoiding utility conflicts.
  12. Governmental Agency Requirements: This covers specific survey-related requirements as specified by the client, ensuring compliance with government mandates.
  13. Adjoining Owners: It involves listing the names of adjoining property owners, important for boundary issues and potential negotiations.
  14. Distance to Nearest Street: This includes measuring the distance to the nearest intersecting street, essential for access and planning purposes.
  15. Rectified Orthophotography: This item covers using advanced imaging technologies for showing the location of certain features, enhancing the accuracy and detail of the survey.
  16. Recent Earth Moving or Construction: It involves documenting evidence of recent construction activities observed during the survey, essential for understanding current property conditions.
  17. Proposed Street Changes: This covers any proposed changes in street right-of-way lines, important for future development and planning.
  18. Offsite Easements: It involves including plottable offsite easements in the survey, crucial for understanding property rights and limitations.
  19. Professional Liability Insurance: This item covers the surveyor’s professional liability insurance policy details, ensuring accountability and protection for the client.
  20. Custom Items: This allows for additional items to be negotiated and added to the survey, ensuring complete customization to meet the client’s specific needs.
  21. The ALTA Table A is a testament to the flexible, client-centric approach of the ALTA/NSPS Land Title Surveys that Clark Land Services provides. By supplying a range of optional items that can be tailored to the specific requirements of each property, Table A ensures that clients receive a detailed, comprehensive survey that meets their unique needs and supports informed decision-making and meeting code and standards.

    Please refer to for the most current ALTA/NSPS Land Title Survey Table A Standards.